Frog & Toad Hollow

Frog & Toad Hollow

Hey! Jaime and April here! -- Two mom’s who survive on inappropriate humor, too much coffee, yoga, and a desire to be the best versions of ourselves.  We are the ones behind the curtain of this green frog.

While the two of us have very different career backgrounds, we are very similar in how we prioritize life.  First and foremost for both of us is the health and well being of our family.  Fun Fact Alert...We are both married to men named Mike, who also share the same birthday!  What are the chances, right?? The crazier part is that it isn't the only birthday our immediate family shares. April's son and Jaime's daughter also share a birthday. 

Anyway, back to our beginning...coming out of Covid we were both looking for opportunities for work where we still had the flexibility needed to run the chaos of our families schedules. We loved the idea of empowering people to express themselves and their ever changing mood or as  we like to call it: their VIBE.  What better way to do that than to provide products, like apparel, to enable people to do just that?!?! So, we set out and plotted a dream together - one that includes a wide array of express-your-vibe type products (shirts are just the beginning) and also helping others.  Of course we're helping others by way of offering products that enable them to express themselves, but we also have big plans to help out fellow humans and our planet (check out our Giving Back page!).  As we walk this path we plan to partner with others who share the same vision. 

Please know this is only an intro and our space to say "Welcome!", but if you have any questions at any point along the way, please let us know as we'd love to hear from you!...And, who knows?  Your question may even turn up in a future blog of ours!  Better yet...your thoughts could end up on a shirt!  Email us at

Now, we may be starting out small, but, believe us, we have big plans and we hope you will follow us along on our journey as we take Frog & Toad Hollow on the road.

Till next time,

Be you. Do you.

J & A 


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