Independence Day, or as we call it in my house The 4th of July, is a holiday that my family looks forward to every year.  The kids start talking about it as soon as spring starts rolling in, and it's a daily topic of conversation right now for us.  And you might be surprised to hear that it has nothing to do with the fireworks. Nope.

Two words - FROG RACE.

You see, our town hosts a July 4th Celebration in a local park which includes everything from awesome vendors selling everything under the sun, to rubber ducky races down the river, to pie eating competitions, to....wait for it.....frog races.  Yes, frog races.

One year, when my son was really little, we showed up for the frog race and I remember there being very few kids there to race a frog.  I mean, you know there are kids out there wanting to race a frog, they just didn't have one!  So, the following year, my husband and his friends took the kids frog hunting the night before.  They came home with a garbage can (an empty and clean one of course) with a bunch of frogs at the bottom and brought the frogs to the race the following day so more kids had the chance to race a frog of their own.  (Side note here for those gasping at the thought of it - no frog is harmed.  They are collected and stored in a cool, damp, quiet place where the kids and I make sure they are well looked after and cared for the night before their big race.)  Following the race, the frogs are collected and returned to the river, which is right there at the park.

This tradition has been years in the making and children now show up at the race knowing they'll have a frog of their very own to hold and race.  (I love that part!)  My kids love the part where they get to go out the night before and help collect frogs for the next day's race.  Soaking in everyone's excitement, capturing the memories of my kids with their frog, and being with family - this is what the holiday is about for me.

So this July 4th, I encourage everyone to get out there to celebrate our country and what makes it great.  Celebrate the good times, family, and friends.  And, I mean, if you want to do it in a toad-ally cool Frog & Toad Holiday Hollow shirt, than that would be totally awesome too!  You know I will be wearing one!

~ Good vibes to all ~


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